Part 3

My 1983 Banking Solution Pamphlet

What happened after THE SACRAMENTO BEE newspaper article came out in 1981? I did a local radio interview (wherein the host totally misunderstood my project and ridiculed my idea), and I did a couple other newspaper articles, but I made no serious headway. So I decided to write up a pamphlet — and seeing how I felt that the banks of our country were “crushing the life” out of millions of people, here’s the title logo I put on my 50-page 1983 pamphlet. . .

While doing my research for this pamphlet, I had come across some very interesting information that had some extreme religious implications. First of all, to get the full impact of this, you have to understand that “money” is mainly just numbers on COMPUTERS — and all of us have to keep “feeding” those numbers to our bank’s computers each and every month or we can end up getting ourselves “evicted” from our homes, etc.! Having grown up reading George Orwell’s “1984” and living in Berkeley, California during this time, I found myself a bit “anxious” about how the COMPUTERS of the world could become very, very evil . . . and then I found this equation:


I have never been into numerology, but I remembered something about the Bible warning people to “avoid the mark of the beast” and that it involved the number “666” — and here I found an equation wherein the word “COMPUTER” could equal the dreaded “666”!

Here’s how it’s done: Take the alphabet and assign numeral values to the letters of the alphabet in increments of “6” — (of course it would be “6”!) — A is 6, B is 12, C is 18, etc. –and add up the number values of those letters of the word “COMPUTER” :

18 + 90 + 78 + 96 + 126 + 120 + 30 + 108 = 666!!!

The next thing that happened was an incredibly interesting bit of “timing”! I was writing up my banking solution pamphlet, and I had just completed the layout of pages 1-10 (it was page 10 that contained the “COMPUTER = 666″equation) — I decided to take a break and go watch some news on the TV for a while — and that news broadcast contained this SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT . . .


TIME magazine had just announced their 1982 Man of the Year Award — and their “Man of the Year” was . . . the COMPUTER!!!



I put the information about the COMPUTER being given the “Man of the Year Award” onto page 11 of my pamphlet, the very next page that I had to write — and I had an intense feeling of synchronicity, and “being in the right place at the right time”!

The next thing I stumbled upon was even MORE creepy. . .

At this time (1983) I wasn’t a Christian, and my knowledge about the Bible was rather sparse — I remembered certain things from Sunday school lessons when I was a child, but I, like many other people in America, “moved on to other things” and away from Christianity, but I began looking around for books that dealt with explaining “666,” etc. — I found a copy of Hal Lindsey’s “The 1980’s: Countdown to Armageddon,” and on page 110 it said:

“The anti-Christ will then spread his power throughout the world by devising an ingenious economic program . . . [and] the world’s monetary systems [will] be united into ONE SYSTEM.”


As you might guess, I really did NOT enjoy reading this! He was, in essence, saying that “I” might become the anti-Christ “IF” my banking solution project was ever enacted!

In December of 1984 I became a Christian, and in 1985 I did extensive studies into the Bible and the Book of Revelation, and I came to the conclusion that Hal Lindsey’s overall view of End Time prophecy is EXTREMELY FLAWED, so I long ago stopped being concerned about his negative interpretation of a One Bank System.


I finished writing my 50-page banking solution pamphlet in 1983, made several copies, and began passing them out in the Bay Area to the newspapers and people in the Economics Department on the UC Berkeley campus — but no one really paid any attention. No one took me seriously. I didn’t have any “credentials” — so what did MY opinions matter? The UC Berkeley folks wouldn’t pay attention to my banking ideas, but they DID hire me to draw the cover for their 1984 “Orientation” issue of the UC Berkeley campus paper!


Knowing that this story was potentially very important, I submitted my banking solution material to 60 MINUTES –and on January 23, 1985 I received a politely-worded rejection letter from Marjorie Holyoak, Director of Audience Services:

“The 60 MINUTES staff reviewed your material but, after careful consideration, decided not to report on this matter at the present time. This does not, of course, indicate that the subject is unimportant or uninteresting. 60 MINUTES is faced with the enormously difficult task of choosing three topics each week from the hundreds that could conceivably — and justifiably — be covered . . . We appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention and we are returning the material which you submitted.”

Oh well, I tried . . . !


I moved to Washington D.C. in 1985

ABOVE: Me in front of the very 1st bank established in the United States in Washington D.C.

In August of 1985 I moved to the Washington D.C. area, and I lived there for nearly 3 years. While working on various freelance art projects (which included doing cartoons for Carl Sagan’s SPACEWATCH newsletter), I periodically attempted to share my banking project with the editors of THE WASHINGTON POST, etc. — but the folks in D.C. are seasoned veterans at “ignoring” people who come to the nation’s Capital in their attempts to promote various causes, etc.! I had no “alphabet soup” after my name, so they just gave me the brush off — so I printed up 5,000 COPIES OF A FLYER that told about my banking solution project and I passed them out all over Washington D.C. !!

ABOVE: “Almost” making history — my stack of 5,000 banking solution flyers!


My Problems with Mr. Rowe

I also attempted to speak to people at a couple of D.C.’s best “think tanks,” but without credentials I got nowhere with them — and then something finally went right for me! I spoke with a man who worked at THE FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK BOARD who totally agreed with me that my idea was perfectly sound! And, YES, if I could get a reporter from THE WASHINGTON POST to come to do an interview, this man said that he would talk with the reporter with me! This man’s name was Mr. Pat Berbacus.

Unfortunately, the current business News editor at THE WASHINGTON POST, Mr. James Rowe, was so used to saying “No” to me over the previous months, HE STILL REFUSED TO DO AN INTERVIEW WITH ME even though I had a local professional endorsement — so nothing happened. No interview, no story in the paper.

“So what” if every single human being living in our country would be VERY INTERESTED in hearing that we could establish a “perfect” banking system and get the banks off their backs? I came very, very close to establishing a nationwide discussion about helping this entire country to solve their economic problems — but Mr. James Rowe stopped it from happening.

I was a Christian at this time, and I realized that “if it wasn’t going to happen, it just wasn’t going to happen” — there was nothing else I could do about it — I had failed in my attempt to get the media to cover my banking solution, and I moved on! In 1988 I left Washington D.C. and moved to Tennessee, I met Ron Wyatt in 1989, I continued doing my books, I got married in 1990, and I became the manager of Ron Wyatt’s very 1st museum in 1994, etc.!

I called Mr. James Rowe on April 10, 2001 — oh yes, he remembered me — and he still thinks I’m basically “crazy,” and I can understand why he would think so — but one of these days Mr. James Rowe is going to be a very embarrassed individual when this project becomes widely discussed and millions of people find out that he was the man who blocked my project from being discussed back in 1986-1988!


2011 UPDATE:

I contacted the Sacramento Bee Newspaper…

In 2011 I recontacted the Sacramento Bee Newspaper and told them that their paper printed my banking solution article 30 years ago… yes, they were a bit stunned by that… and you would think that they would be very interested to hear from me and jump at the chance to do a follow-up article, right?

The current Business editor’s name is Mary Lynne Vellinga, and on November 3, 2011 she told me, “No, we will not do an article about your banking solution.”


“Because I do not feel that it is appropriate to run ‘speculative’ banking solution articles in the Business section.”

Even though they *DID* do an article 30 years ago!!!

Ms. Vellinga did not even look at my website, she told me on the phone that all she did was look up the 1981 article — and from that alone she decided NOT to do another article.

The entire world wants to hear “new ideas,” and I can’t even get an article written up in the very same newspaper that ran an article about me in 1981??


* * *


I contacted the Davis Newspaper…

November 22, 2011 — I called the Davis Enterprise Newspaper and informed their editor Debbie Davis that their paper also printed my banking solution article 30 years ago… and Debbie told me on the phone that she has been working there for 32 years, so she was actually there when my Op-Ed article ran — I told her my website address, and she said she’d check it out…

Where the Sacramento Bee editor had “rejected” doing another article, I thought that Debbie would surely approve of doing a new article…

The Occupy Davis protests have continued, and millions of people still want to hear that there’s a solution to our Banking System — so on Monday, November 28th around 4pm in the afternoon I called Debbie back…

Debbie told me that she had NOT looked at my website, and she was NOT going to do another article!

Great. No article again.

I’m sorry to say this, but there are some really stupid newspaper editors out there making some really stupid decisions about what will or won’t be in their newspapers.

It seems that neither editors of the Sacramento Bee or the Davis Enterprise give a damn about millions of people being foreclosed on and losing their homes, nor that the entire Banking System of the modern world could collapse if nothing is done — or that I might have a solution to prevent it.