The Banking Solution

Is there a solution to our Banking System?


All we need to do is take the present banking system and just tweak it one step further, and then it will be fixed!


A pic of me back in 1981

I’ve known this solution for 38 years!

My banking solution project began in 1981 when I was working for a major bank in Davis, California. On Wednesday, December 9th, 1981 Sacramento’s major newspaper, THE SACRAMENTO BEE, printed an article about my banking solution on the front page of their Business Section!


And here’s my Op-Ed article that ran in the DAVIS ENTERPRISE on 11/27/81:


That’s right, I said Davis, California!

That’s the Davis that has been in the news where a police officer pepper sprayed the peaceful Occupy protestors!


I worked in Davis, California in 1981

at the local Davis BofA!

Davis was where my banking solution came to me!

* * *


The solution to our banking system involves establishing One Single Bank that will function very close to the very same way that our existing system of banks function!

NOTE: The illustration below shows the One Bank as if this One Bank might be “just one single building,” but this One Bank would be using the interlinked computer systems of *ALL* the existing banks throughout our country — it would NOT be One Bank in just one place — ALL our banks would be linked into being “One Bank”!

But this One Bank will never need to foreclose!!


That’s right, I said this One Bank would


Jim2011tie web

Page 2 of this website will get into explaining & answering all the details!

* * *

My 2011 Letter from President Obama:

I am not a political person — I began developing this solution back when President Reagan was in office — I passed out hundreds of flyers in D.C. in the 1980’s, but I was ignored….  But back in 2011 I wrote to the White House about my Banking Solution, and I received this “thanks for writing” letter from President Obama on October 4th, 2011:


Unfortunately, nothing came of it — but I tried!

Now that the Coronavirus has messed big time with our economic culture here in 2020, maybe it’s time that we finally discuss the merits of my Banking Solution?

Yes, I am VERY SERIOUS about this Banking Solution!

* * *

2011’s “Occupy Wall Street”

This protest began in September, 2011 in New York…


…and thousands of people have protested in

hundreds of cities in over

80 countries around the world… why?

Millions of people want a solution to

the economic system!!!

* * *

In 2007 there were 500,000 foreclosures.

In 2008 there were 1,000,000 foreclosures.

In 2009 there were 2,800,000 foreclosures with 5,500,000 households delinquent.

In 2010 there were 2,900,000 foreclosures.

3,000,000 more homes were in danger….and in 2011 there were something like 1,887,800 foreclosures….

* * *

In 2008: 25 banks failed.

In 2009: 140 banks failed.

In 2010: 157 banks failed & 700 banks were “at risk of failure.”

In 2011 — 92 banks failed.

In 2012 — 51 banks failed.

In 2013 — another 24 failed….

Yes, things have gotten “better” since then, but the system still has the potential to crash again…

Everyone around the world knows it!

It needs to be **CHANGED**!!!

Please read this entire webpage and I will try to answer most of the big questions about how my solution can be possible!

* * *

This world operates like a 2-story Outhouse


This needs to STOP !!!

In case any of you really DO care, please keep reading this website!

* * *

Want a “Wonderful Life”?

All I’m trying to do is believe that miraculous things are possible, like in Frank Capra’s wonderful classic film IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE…

…where George Balley ran his wonderful Building & Loan bank…
…but instead the entire banking system in this country seems to be under the control of this guy…

* * *

Is it “Impossible”?

Some economists may say my banking solution is impossible…


Lots of things that people once thought were impossible have been accomplished!

For example, this was in the March 30th, 1981 issue of PEOPLE magazine:


Every physicist in the world said that it was “impossible” to ever create a single-surface mirror that would not reverse the image —

David Emil Thomas did the “impossible”!

In 1975 he began experimenting with soap bubbles, and he noticed that his hair was parted on the proper side in their reflection — this physics instructor did his master’s thesis on the optical properties of curved surfaces, and in 1978 he was awarded a patent for his invention:



This is how things happen in this world — for centuries people said that mankind would never fly, but then one day someone makes a airplane that DOES fly — all the physicists in the world said no one will ever make a single-surface mirror that doesn’t reverse the reflection, but then one day David Emil Thomas makes one!

Lots of economists may say that my Banking Solution project is “impossible” — but I know it can be done!

* * *

Take a look at the Dollar Sign . . .

. . . and take a look at what it becomes when you “complete” the diagram by drawing in a few more vertical bars and finish drawing in the circle started by the “S” shaped curve! It becomes the Oriental YIN and YANG symbol BEHIND BARS ! (The “yin yang” symbol represents “man and woman”)….

Humanity has been entrapped by the power of “money” long enough — and it’s time to put together a banking system that places the importance of PEOPLE over the importance of all those numbers on our banks’ computer systems!

* * *

Want America to “Go Green”?


The One Bank would make it really easy!!

* * *

Are you “Waiting for Superman”?

This documentary film showed the sad state of our education system, and how the whole world wants to be “saved” by Superman…

My banking solution includes being able to “save” our education system!

* * *

Is Germany the Solution?

Germany has been in the media for being one of the few countries in Europe that is somewhat controlling its debt and its spending — the Sept. 2011 issue of VANITY FAIR ran this article — but does Germany have the “solution” for the world’s economic systems?



Only my “One Bank” would cure our banking system!

* * *


I spoke at the Occupy Knoxville gathering on 11/11/11


But where were the people???…

Thousands of people were 2 blocks over at the big 11/11/11 Veteran’s Day Parade, but they didn’t care one iota about attending the Occupy Knoxville gathering!

So NONE of them ever heard my talk.  Ah, but the Knoxville newspapers did interview me….

The media reported my talk, but they did NOT print a close-up pic of me NOR did they mentioned my Banking Solution website address in their articles!!!


Can you read my signs?? No??

Whew, I’ve been at this for 38+ years….

I’ll say it again:

“This solution is the ONLY 100% totally benign solution!!!”

* * *



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